Are you experiencing:

Inconsistent quality?

Rising costs?

Poor technical support?

Lack of production-line visibility?

Environmental pressures?

Process control is key to a high performing process. Being able to maintain consistency in your systems, control product consumption, monitor and control process parameters from a central location helps modern manufacturing staff stay on top of their game.

Calvary Industries has designed the CALeye 2.0 system as a modular process control center with analytical, monitoring, control, and data logging capabilities.

Monitor, control, and record:
• Pressures
• Temperatures
• Conveyors
• Concentrations
• Voltage
• Amps
• Part count
• Bath parameters (pH, conductivity, ORP, etc)
• Water usage
• Waste treatment systems

A modern plant operating system built specifically for metal finishing job shops that are looking to grow.

Cloud-based software that enables end-to-end digital control of jobs/parts throughout the facility. From Quoting, Order Entry, Capacity Planning, Scheduling, Production Processing, Shipping and Invoicing.

When jobs run through the facility, data is being automatically collected in the background and served up to Plant leadership via automated reports, to facilitate quicker and more accurate decision-making:

• Profitability per process line / part number / color
• True cost of quality per process line / operator / color
• Lead time
• Plant Bottlenecks
• Work In-Progress
• Scrap Rate
• Quote Win-Rate
• You name it, every click can be traced, trended, and reported.

Custom formulations for individual processes

Reduction of chemical, water, labor, maintenance, and energy costs

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