Wastewater Treatment

Water continues to grow in value as a resource. Water is important for many processes to operate effectively, and in many areas water costs increase and availability decreases, so proper management of it is critical.

Removing chemistry, soils, and by-products from spent process water is a necessity for facilities to meet their permit requirements, environmental stewardship, or simply a resource necessity. Many of our customers operate plants on zero to near-zero discharge, treating and reusing water many times over for all of their process needs.

Whether you have a batch system or continuous flow, we can develop a program to remove your oils, solids, metals, etc.

Calvary Industries has over 100 years of waste water treatment knowledge. Our team of engineers can assess your needs and requirements, and offer a waste water program for every situation.

• Organic and Inorganic flocculants
• Coagulants
• Sludge dewatering
• Emulsion breaking / oil recovery
• Paint solids removal

Physical & Analytical Testing, Wastewater Treatment

Let one of our experts help you lower your disposal costs and maximize your systems capacity.



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