The Calvary Challenge

Optimize your operations while
maximizing your bottom line.

Free Line Audit with Expert Recommendations

Unlock the potential of your paint line process with a complimentary audit by Calvary Industries. Our seasoned professionals will assess your current setup, identifying areas for optimization and improvement.

Chemical Automation Review — Cal-Eye 2.0

Experience the future of chemical automation with Cal-Eye 2.0, our cutting-edge technology designed to streamline your operations. Let us analyze your current systems and propose seamless integration solutions for enhanced efficiency.

Panel Testing for Performance Comparison

Witness the difference firsthand through rigorous panel testing. Compare your current process against Calvary’s phosphate or non-phosphate treatment. See the results and discover the superior performance of our solutions.

Tailored Proposal with Guaranteed Savings and Upgrades

Receive a comprehensive proposal tailored to your specific needs. We guarantee cost savings and propose automation upgrades to revolutionize your paint line process.

A Written Service Plan with Clear Implementation Strategy

Receive a detailed service plan outlining every step of the implementation process. From initial assessment to full-scale integration, we provide a clear roadmap for success. Trust Calvary Industries to execute your vision with precision and expertise.

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