Proper lubrication of tooling, parts, and equipment keep your process running smooth. Lubricants reduce friction, transfer heat, transfer power, carry away contaminants, and protect against wear and corrosion.

With so many applications for lubricants, mineral oils, synthetic oils and esters, vegetable-based oils, glycols, and powders like PTFE are used to formulate products for every lubricant application.

When selecting a lubricant or your process, there are properties that are important to lubricant performance: good thermal capacity, proper viscosity, shear stability, thermal and oxidative stability, cleanliness and filterability, anti-wear properties, corrosion control, friction reduction, and material compatibility.

Calvary produces a full line of lubricants to meet your every need.

• Way oils
• Gear Lubes
• Hydraulic Fluids, Mineral oil
• Hydraulic Fluids, Synthetic
• Multi-purpose oils
• Screw machine oils
• Dry Film Lubricants

Calvary can customize a lubricant to your specific needs.

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