Acid Replacement Technology

With increasing sensitivity to healthy work environments, finding safer alternatives to acids in manufacturing processes has become a necessity. While acid-based products may be the only option to maintain and operate your process, Calvary offers a full line of acid replacement products to protect your employees and your equipment.

  Product Applications

• Descaler
• Delimer
• Metal Cleaners
• Vacuum Pump Cleaners
• Machine Frame Cleaner
• Wire Batch Cleaner
• Concrete Floor Cleaner
• Felt Batch Cleaner

DEOX 6039 / DEOX 6039B

  • Non-hazardous and non-toxic
  • Organic salt that acts like acid; pH and PK2 of less than 1.0
  • 70% more effective than Citric and Glycolic Acid and 50% more effective than Phosphoric Acid when dissolving calcium carbonate.
  • 71% the strength of HCI Acid when dissolving calcium carbonate.
  • Performance and cost advantages versus acids such as Phosphoric, Citric, Hydroxyacetic, Sulfamic, Oxalic, et.
  • Non-Fuming
  • DOT classification: Non-Regulated
  • No solubility limits (perfect fit in concentrated cleaners)
  • Classified as a mild skin irritant
  • Replaces multiple acid blends
  • Phosphate-free and contains no VOCs

DEOX 6016

Brightener and etchant for aluminum.
• Non-hazardous and non-toxic
• Non-corrosive replacement for hydrofluoric acid
• Operation – Spray and Immersion

Metal Safety – ferrous and non-ferrous

Before and After photos of a 3-stage iron phosphate washer after 6 years of operations. DEOX 6039 was ran for 4 hours through the cleaner/coater stage and removed the significant sludge buildup on risers, nozzles, and heater tube.



Concentration: 10%
Temperature: 130° F
• Tank was dumped, refilled with water
•10% DEOXC-6039 added
• Tank recirculated for 4 hours
• Solution from tank 1 was transferred to tanks 2 and 3 and circulated there for 2 hours.
• Tanks neutralized with 2.5% Calvary 4109. End caps removed and risers flushed out for 10 minutes
• Tanks emptied, refilled and run for 10 minutes with spray
• Tanks dumped and recharged with water and process chemistry



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