Metalworking Fluid

With changing global and domestic regulations on metalworking fluids and their components, finding a safe product that meets all your process needs is critical.

Machining processes generate heat from the friction that occurs during the cutting process. Finding the right combination of lubrication and cooling will keep tolerances in line, extend tool life, maintain part temper, reduce the possibility for corrosion. Proper lubrication will prevent the generation of excess heat, and proper heat capacity and conductivity of the fluid will help absorb the heat that is created.

Lubrication is only one piece of the puzzle. Preventing liquid drag out on parts will minimize coolant usage and keep windows and tooling clean during operation. Creating superior emulsion stability with small particle size and good wetting allow our semi-synthetics to run as clean as full synthetics. Controlling mist, chips, odor, and sump life are key to optimal metalworking operations.

The prohibition of use of certain extreme pressure additives, such as some chlorine-containing molecules, as well as the elimination of some biocides have driven metalworking formulators to develop new, more effective solutions for these additives. Calvary Industries is using the most advanced technology available in the global marketplace to provide metalworking fluids that are high performing, safe for operators, with long sump life.

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