Excess foam can ruin a process. Sometimes it is not possible to address the foam at it’s source, and it has to be treated as part of the system. Defoamers work through surface tension, penetrating and destabilizing the foam lamella, causing bubbles to burst. While defoamers must be insoluble in a system to work, they must also be compatible.

Calvary Industries produces defoamers for many applications, from process cleaners to waste treatment, to paint and coating defoamers. We can help.


  CAL BAN 962

Potent Silicone Emulsion For Waste Treatment Applications 
• Quick Kill
• Persistent

  CAL BAN 962B

Highly Concentrated Silicone Emulsion For The Most Tenacious Foam.

  CAL BAN 999

Non-Silicone, Non-Mineral Oil Defoamer For Tankside Treatment Of Process Washer Tanks And Coolant Sumps 
• Offers Quick Kill

  CAL BAN 3321

Specialized Defoamer For Releasing Foam Created By Alkaline Soaps. 
Effective In: 
• Alkaline Process Cleaner Tanks
• Waste Treatment
• Soap-Based Fluids
• Very Persistent

  CAL BAN 998

Highly Concentrated Non-Silicone Defomaer For Use As A Tankside Additive In Cleaner And Coolant Applications 
• Quick Kill
• Persistent

  CAL BAN 3300

Mineral Oil-Based Defoamer For Use With: 
• Emulsion Chemistry
• Waste Water
• Detack Applications



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