Calvary Industries was founded in 1983 as a chemical compounding supplier and manufacturer. Since then we have expanded to three manufacturing facilities and over 300,000 sq. feet of manufacturing and warehouse space. Our North American technical sales team is supported by an experienced production staff as well as chemists with fully equipped laboratories. While maintaining ISO 9001: 2008 quality registration, Calvary will provide you with excellent in-plant service, unsurpassed blending expertise and exceptional production capability, while maintaining a total quality program throughout our processes.

Featured Products

  • DEOX™

    Heavy-duty Cleaner/Deoxidizer

    • One-step removal of laser edge, weld oxide, rust & oils
    • Non-scaling
    • Control flash rust

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  • ADVANTECH® p610A

    Phosphate-Free Pretreatment

    • Improved performance over iron/zinc phosphates
    • Sludge-Free
    • Energy Savings

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  • CAL COOL® 74707

    Oil for heavy duty machining

    • Indefinite sump life with proper care
    • Biostable
    • Chlorine Free

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  • CAL CLEAN 944/947

    Premium alkaline cleaner / degreaser

    • Designed for removal of oils and soils.
    • Exceptionally effective removal of particulate and tenacious carbonized soils, especially around welded areas.

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