Acid Replacement for Washer Descaling

Protect the safety of your employee’s and pretreatment washer with this powerful non-toxic, non-hazardous descaler!


Above, Cleaner coater stage of 3-stage iron phosphate washer after 6 of years use. Stage had buildup on risers, nozzles and heater tube.


Same stage above, after 4 hours running with Calvary DEOX 6039 descaler.

Concentration: 10%
Temperature: 130° F
1. Tank was dumped, refilled with water
2. 10%DEOXC 6039 added
3. Tank recirculated for 4 hours
4. Solution from tank 1 was transferred to tanks 2 and 3 and circulated there for 2 hours.
5. Tanks neutralized with 2.5% Calvary 4109. End caps removed and risers flushed out for 10 minutes
6. Tanks emptied, refilled and run for 10 minutes with spray
7. Tanks dumped and recharged with water and process chemistry
* 1 gallon of DEOX 6039T (thick) was used on the entrance silhouette

Deox Products

DEOX-6039 / DEOX-6039B

  • Non-Hazardous and non-toxic
  • Organic salt that acts like acid; pH and PK2 of less than 1.0
  • 70% more effective than Citric and Glycolic Acid and 50% more effective than Phosphoric Acid when dissolving calcium carbonate.
  • 71% the strength of HCI Acid when dissolving calcium carbonate.
  • Performance and cost advantages versus acids such as Phosphoric, Citric, Hydroxyacetic, Sulfamic, Oxalic, et.
  • Non-Fuming
  • DOT classification: Non-Regulated
  • No solubility limits (perfect fit in concentrated cleaners)
  • Classified as a mild skin irritant
  • Replaces multiple acid blends
  • Phosphate-free and contains no VOCs


Doesn’t fit your needs? Contact us for information on additional product options.


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