Process Control Equipment

Process control is key to a high performing process. Be able to maintain consistency in your systems, control product consumption, monitor and control process parameters from a central location helps modern manufacturing staff stay on top of their game.

Calvary Industries has designed the CAL EYE systems as a modular process control center with analytical, monitoring, control, and data logging capabilities.

Monitor, control, and record:
• Pressures
• Temperatures
• Conveyors
• Concentrations
• Voltage
• Amps
• Part count
• Bath parameters (pH, conductivity, ORP, etc)
• Water usage
• Waste treatment systems

If you are washing, pretreating, plating, powder or liquid painting, electrocoating, anodizing, or any other chemical process, let one of our engineers design a system to help you stay in control of all your processes.

  CALeye 2.0 Flyer:



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