Paint Booth Maskants


  CAL COAT 5910

Paint Overspray Control. 
• Bright White, Dry-To-Touch, Eggshell Finish.
• Excellent For Use As A Floor Grate Coating And For Walls.
• Easily Removed With High Pressure Water.

  CAL COAT 2648

Engineered, VOC-Free Product For Overspray Control In Many Areas.
Water-Based Coating Designed To: 
• Prevents Paint Overspray From Curing, Keeping It Soft And Making It Easy To Remove With Moderate Pressure Water Or Scraping, Offering Significant Labor Savings.
• Can Be Applied By Sprayer, Roller, Or Brush.
• Can Be Applied To Robots, Rails, Windows, Lights, Walls, And Grates.
• Very Effective In Carry-Out Areas For Dust Control, Removing Airborne Contaminants.
• Remains Tacky To 130°F.

Metal Safety – All Substrates


Opaque, Water-Based, White Peelable Coating For Overspray Control. 
• Low VOC.
• Applies To Clean Walls, And Then Peels Clean After Soiled
• Or Can Be Sprayed Over To Brighten The Booth Again.
• Several Layers Can Be Applied And Peels Easily To Lower Labor Time And Cost.
Metal Safety – All Substrates

  CAL COAT 2063

Tacky Coating For Oven Entrance And Exit Vestibules To Reduce Defects Due To Airborne Contamination. 
• Stays Tacky To 275°F.
Metal Safety – All Substrates

  CAL COAT 5933

Barrier Coating For Under-Booth Applications.
• Not Water Soluble, Works Well In Wet Environments.
• Effective In Areas To Control Overspray That Can Be Cleaned Less Often Like Baffles, Floodsheets, Clamshells.

Metal Safety – All Substrates

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