Today’s modern machine shops depend on their coolant to give them good surface finish, tool life, and corrosion protection. It’s the things we don’t measure that also make a difference. A clean running product quickly drains from the parts and machine, minimizing coolant drag-out and keeping the inside of the machine free from build-up. Having a single component coolant, without all the additives keeps your employees on machines and not maintaining the coolant sump, saving labor and increasing productivity. Long, odor-free sump life also minimizes labor by reducing maintenance and coolant change-outs.

CAL COOL® 74707 meets all of these needs, even under the most demanding conditions.

CAL COOL® 74707 is a premium, bio-stable, semi-synthetic metalworking fluid formulated for use in medium to heavy-duty operations.

• Recommended for metal removal operations such as; general machining, turning, milling, reaming, drilling, ID/OD grinding, sawing, tapping, broaching
• Formulated for use on most ferrous alloys, including high alloys and stainless, and non- ferrous metals including aluminum, brass, bronze, and copper
• Low foam, even in high pressure operations
• Superior micro-emulsion, even in hard water, resulting in clean running with low usage
• Excellent corrosion resistance keeps tooling and parts protected
• Long, odor-free sump life
• Chlorine, phosphorous, and sulfur-free
• Easy to maintain with no additives. Simply control the concentration!

The boundary lubrication and high oil content in CAL COOL® 74707 allows for a very low coefficient of friction, causing lower operating temperatures, extending tool life and providing a superior surface finish.

CASE STUDY – CAL COOL® 74707 vs. HOCUT 795

  • Cal Cool Case Study - Steel

    Tapping Torque Test: Comparative analysis completed by Lubrizol
    Substrate: Steel
    Tap Type: M6x1 HSS cutting
    RPM: 530

  • Cal Cool Case Study - Alum

    Tapping Torque Test: Comparative analysis completed by Lubrizol
    Substrate: 6061 Aluminum
    Tap Type: M6x1 HSS forming
    RPM: 660